Three Inspiring Images by James N. Sites

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A new book can be found at the Jesse Stuart Foundation Bookstore from the author James N. Sites.  

His latest book Three Inspiring Images is a collection of three short stories meant to inspire.  "The Account" and "A Very Dangerous Place" are true stories, or as the author states, "they are at least as true to life as memory and its written recording allow."

The second story, "The Four-Dimensional Human," is loosely based on experiences of himself and his late wife, Inger Marie Krogh, and injects itself into the middle of the national debate of what kind of education America should be giving it's children.

In a very generous gesture, proceeds from this book go directly to the Jesse Stuart Foundation.  Sites book America:  The Search and the Secret can also be found in the Jesse Stuart Foundation Bookstore.

Find the book to order here:

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