Jesse Stuart Foundation Books Available on eReaders

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Here is a list of books for your Kindle, Nook or iPad that are available through us...  so if you don't have time to come to the bookstore, can't get out or don't want to wait for it to be shipped, all you have to do is go to your eReader provider's website and search "Jesse Stuart Foundation."

Jesse Stuart

  • Andy Finds a Way*
  • The Beatinest Boy*
  • Beyond Dark Hills*
  • Come to My Tomorrowland*
  • Old Ben*
  • A Penny's Worth of Character*
  • Red Mule*
  • A Ride with Huey the Engineer*
  • The Rightful Owner**
  • Taps for Private Tussie*

Allan W. Eckert

  • Dark Journey*
  • The Frontiersmen*
  • The HAB Theory*
  • The Scarlet Mansion*
  • Wilderness Empire*

Harry M. Caudill

  • Dark Hills to Westward^
  • Night Comes to the Cumberlands^

Danny Fulks

  • Tick Ridge Faces South^
  • Tragedy on Greasy Ridge^

Ken Slone

  • At Home in the Mountains^
  • Mountain Teacher^

Bob Barnett

  • Growing Up in the Last Small Town**

Tamara Baxter

  • Rock Big and Sing Loud^

Billy C. Clark

  • Sourwood Tales^

Thomas D. Clark

  • A History of Kentucky^

James B. Goode

  • Up From the Mines^

Lou Martin

  • Above the Slate^

James E. Vaughan

  • Bankmules^


  • Appalachian Christmas Stories^

*Available for Kindle, Nook and Apple devices

**Available for Kindle and Nook

^Available for Kindle only

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