Book Review-Sergeant Sandlin

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Virgil Onkst of London Kentucky, writes about Sergeant Sandlin: Kentucky’s Forgotten Hero by James M. Gifford:  I just finished reading your splendid book Sergeant Sandlin.  What a masterful job you did in presenting the life of this truly American patriot.  It breaks my heart that he did not receive the consideration and compensation deserved for his heroic services.  P.S.  By the way, I heard Jesse Stuart on one occasion (mid 1950s).  He spoke at the Upper Cumberland Education Association meeting at Union College in Barbourville, KY.  I don’t remember too much about his main subject, but one thing I’ve told many times over the years.   He told of the places he sept while traveling from Greenup to Lincoln Memorial University on the Kentucky-Tennessee border.  He said he slept in “roadside hotels” (translation – haystacks).

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