JSF Closed to Walk-in Customers

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Dear Friends of the JSF:

 The health and safety of our friends is important to us, so due to the COVID 19 pandemic and to be in compliance with CDC and Commonwealth of Kentucky guidelines, the JSF will close its doors to walk-in customers effective today and until circumstances change.

 These are other actions we are taking:


  • We will process book orders. You can place orders by calling 606-326-1667 or by visiting our website at www.jsfbooks.com. We will mail the books to you.


  • We are canceling meetings of the Regional Readers book discussion group.


  • We are closing the Conference Room for meetings.


  • We are keeping our workplace cleaner by regular use of antibacterial and disinfectant cleaners, wipes, and sprays.


  • We will continue to communicate with you through the weekly JSF Update e-newsletter.

 We realize the importance of social distancing and self-quarantine.  If you are staying at home or reducing your movements away from home, you may find solace in reading, and we can help you by providing good books to read.  Please recommend our books to others who may be in need of good reading material.  If you get “cabin fever,” do not hesitate to call or write.  My employees and I are always glad to hear from you.


Stay safe and healthy,


James M. Gifford, Ph.D.

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