New Book Released-Presidential Visits to Kentucky 1819-2017

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The JSF recently released Presidential Visits to Kentucky: 1819-2017 by Wayne Onkst, retired State Librarian and Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives and Chairman of the JSF Board of Directors.  Presidents have been visiting Kentucky since 1819 arriving by horseback, carriage, train, steamboat, bus, and airplane.  They have inspected military installations, dedicated historic sites and infrastructure, campaigned for themselves and others, promoted administration initiatives, attended horse races and funerals, performed various other functions, and often just passed through.  Considering the power of the president, each visit is meaningful and historic.  Presidential Visits to Kentucky: 1819-2017 details more than 120 occasions when the President of the United States came to the Commonwealth.  It chronicles when the president came, why, where he went, and who he saw as he made history.


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