Jesse Stuart, The Boy From The Dark Hills 1990

An easy to read story of Jesse Stuart, which includes many rare photographs. Jimmy Lowe is a Kentucky school teacher who was inspired to write by Jesse Stuart. 

In the Spring of 1986, while attending a seminar sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities, Lowe conceived the idea of creating a one-man drama based on Stuart

The following year with a grant from the Jesse Stuart Foundation, Lowe began his research. He reread Stuart's autobiographical works and studied audio and video tapes of Stuart. He then carefully developed a script that was reviewed by Foundation editors and members of the Stuart family.

That Fall, Lowe debuted as his longtime hero. Since then he has performed for school and civic groups across Kentucky and in neighboring states.

The success of his dramatic presentations prompted Lowe to draft a non-scholarly biography of Stuart that could be enjoyed by both school children and adults. Jesse Stuart, The Boy from the Dark Hills is a fine tribute to Stuart.

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