A Masterful Retreat Expanded Edition

In 2006, retired Judge Lewis D. Nicholls released his first book, A Masterful Retreat, about approximately 10,000 Union soldiers retreating from Cumberland Gap on the Kentucky-Tennessee border in the fall of 1862, to present-day Greenup, Kentucky. The original book consisted of 181 pages of text,maps, and pictures. The new unabridged edition contains additional material resulting from previously undiscovered research and improved maps. In addition, it consists of a new analysis of General George Washington Morgan’s militarydecisions based upon European General Antonine-Henri Baron De Jomini’s book, The Art of War. Both southern and northern officers studied this book in their military formative years at West Point. Judge Nicholls reformatted the book into the Chicago style of documentation, making the unabridged edition an easier read. In addition, he added a bibliography and index,giving serious readers improved tools to conduct a more in depth study of the retreat.


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