Above Devil's Creek

Author: Tim Callahan

Timmy’s life is changing again. His mother has moved herself and Timmy’s sister, Janie to Kentucky so they can be together again. But during this fourth installment of the popular Kentucky Summers series, Mom is having a change of heart. Danger, weather, and extraordinary country circumstances are convincing her that this is not the place to rear her children. Timmy is trying his best to convince her otherwise, but he is continually thrown into situations beyond his control that do just the opposite. The Wolf Pack is at it again in Above Devil’s Creek, and this time they’re up against a thrilling real-life adventure that is the stuff of wildest imagination. The twins, Delma and Thelma, of course hope the adventure ends in disaster for Timmy. But does it?

Country life, humor, and warmth jump off the pages of Author Tim Callahan’s newest novel. It will leave kids and adult with a smile and a longing for the next Kentucky Summer adventure---not to mention a good dose of nostalgia.

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