Adventures in New Kentucky Cooking

bourbon, country ham, spicebush berries, pawpaws, grits and sweet potatoes are just some of the traditional Bluegrass ingredients that make frequent appearances in the enticing and innovative recipes put together by David Domine, the Bluegrass Peasant. In addition, he manages to introduce his readers to new Kentucky delicacies such as hand-crafted cheeses, smoked spoonfish, paddlefish caviar, freshwater prawns, gourmet chocolate and organic vodka. After years of exploring the back roads and bright lights of his adopted home in search of the perfect meal, Domine has produced a collection of tantalizing dishes to showcase the culinary bounty that is Kentucky. Whether adding his own twist to southern favorites like corn pudding and crawfish chowder or inventing future classics such as bourbonnaised filet mignon or butter bean hummus, he has a knack for identifying the tastes and traditions that make Kentucky an exceptional culinary destination. And, whenever possible, Domine promotes sustainable agriculture and eco-friendly eating habits by utilizing regional produce and local foodstuffs. The result is an inspiring blend of updated standards and inventive, down-to-earth cuisine that pays homage to the farmers, distillers and artisan food makers that have left their imprint on the character of Kentucky cooking. At the same time, it recognizes the culinary contributions of the various ethnicities that have shaped the makeup of the state, not to mention the influences of the thoroughbred industry and tobacco houses. Born of the country kitchens, farmhouse picnics and grand hotels that have come to embody the best of Bluegrass hospitality, Adventures in New Kentucky Cooking with the Bluegrass Peasant is sure to be a classic for years to come.

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