I can't leave you alone. You are mine. Do you understand? Mine. Always mine.' Those are the words Julie McCourt is left with after she breaks up with Jeremy Beavens. As a young and naive sixteen-year-old, Julie thought she was in love with him and made a promise that turned out to be the biggest mistake she'd ever made. Jeremy was demanding, controlling, and manipulative. Now, three years later, after she moves 250 miles away to live with her grandmother in Kentucky, she realizes what a horrible situation she's in and that she must get out. She breaks off her engagement with Jeremy, but he continues to harass her. In an attempt to escape her past, she decides to swear off men and dating. She's going to focus solely on her education and getting into the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy. 
Kevin Sanders is a UK pharmacy student who enjoys partying and dating. He's never been interested in having a serious relationship; but when he sees his friends happily in committed relationships, he realizes he wants the same. Then he meets Julie one summer while working at a local hospital pharmacy. The two start to spend time together, and he realizes he's falling for her. Can he get Julie to change her mind and give love another chance? Or will Jeremy continue to haunt her? Find out in Always, first-time author Donia Lawson's tale of faith, love, and betrayal. 
Donia Lawson lives in Kentucky with her husband and two children. She is a graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy and practiced pharmacy for fourteen years before leaving to homeschool her two children and dedicate her time to writing.

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