Annals of the Army of the Cumberlands

An engrossing contemporary history of a Civil War army from its formation in 1861 at Louisville, Kentucky, to its campaigns at Chattanooga and Chickamauga in October 1863; and its military conquest occupation, and control of the civilian populations of the border states of Kentucky and Tennessee.

  • Exciting accounts of the army’s expeditions, battles, and skirmishes
  • The army’s organization and order of battle
  • Biographic portraits of the key leaders
  • Military police records of spies and smugglers in occupied areas
  • Interesting anecdotes and personal experiences
  • Indexed here for the first time

John  Fitch was the judge advocate of the Army of the Cumberland (1861-1864). He wrote the work of “as a souvenir that shall remain when this Army shall have been disbanded and these stirring times and events shall have passed away.” The book was so popular, it required five editions. This final and most complete edition.

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