Almost thirty years ago, Charles Wright began a poetic project of Dantean scope----A trilogy of trilogies. The first series of three books was collected in Country Music, the second in The World of the Ten Thousand Things;  the third began with Chickamauga  and continued in Black Zodiac, which won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Award for Poetry. With Appalachia, Mr. Wright has now brought to completion the third trilogy in the series. If Country Music  traced “Wright’s journey from the soil to the stars” and The World of the Ten Thousand Things  “lovingly detailed” our world and made “a visionary map of the world beyond” (James Longenbach, The Nation), the final book in this great work  shows us a master poet’s confrontation with his own mortality and his stunning ability to discover transcendence in the most beautifully ordinary of landscapes.

“Has any other poet been writing as beautifully and daringly over the past twenty-five years as Charlies Wright? Possibly. But I cannot imagine who it would be…….(Wright) plumbs our deepest relationships with nature, time, love, death, creation.”   

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