Appalachia, Spirit of the Seasons

Appalachia is a beautiful and wondrous place-----with magnificent scenery and a cultural heritage that can rival anywhere in the world. Journey through this special place with Dean Hill as he continues his ventures in his home state of Kentucky and also into the heart of Appalachia: Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

The photographs in this book are unique perspectives of Appalachia made extraordinary by Dean’s use of natural lighting, timing, and the forces of our changing seasons.

People viewing Dean’s work say that he has an “eye” for capturing a fleeting moment in time. Dean’s artistic vision is melded with his understanding of the land to create a photograph that connects to our soul.

Whether it is as subtle as an old tree on a misty lake or an abstract blinding snowstorm, the focus is on the “essence” of that particular area, or to use Dean’s words, “capturing the spirit.”

 Dean’s photographs evoke emotions and experiences common to many yet still unique to the individual.  Celebrate the “spirit of the seasons” and take your own journey through Appalachia -----as Dean sees it!

The Appalachian Mountains have held my interest for many years.  Plans are to continue traveling up and down the mountain chain photographing the natural beauty and recording the unique culture of the region.

The Appalachian Mountains deserve to be portrayed in all its finest. It’s long—term project; yet, I think the people of the mountains-----and beyond, welcome having the region showcased in a positive light!

Dean still lives up a holler in Eastern Kentucky with his wife, Karen. Photography is a full-time endeavor in their never-ending pursuit of the fine art print.