Appalachian Love Stories 2001

Several years ago the Jesse Stuart Foundation published a theme book entitled Appalachian Christmas Stories. The book was the best seller at the 1998 Kentucky Book Fair, and was well received by reviewers and popular with general public readers. So we decided to do a series of companion books with universal themes; our first is Appalachian Love Stories. We cast a broad net for material in order to include some "new authors," along with established greats like Jesse Stuart and Billy C. Clark. We solicited submissions from Jesse Stuart Foundation Board Members and, in the Foundation's newsletter, from more than 5000 Associate Members nationwide. The overwhelming response generated so many good stories that we decided to shape two books: one that focused on romantic love and another that focused on love of friends and family.

Authors represented in Appalachian Love Stories include:
Jesse Stuart
Ancella R. Bickley
James M. Gifford
Jimmy Lowe
James B. Goode
Edwina Pendarvis
Laura Treacy Bentley
Bruce Radford Richey
Ina Everman
Danny Fulks
Loyal Jones
Billy C. Clark
Linda Scott DeRosier
Christina St. Clair
Alexandra Combs Hudson
Kate Larken
Barbara Smith
Carol Van Meter

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