Bearskin to Holly Fork

The whole Appalachian community of Midland, Kentucky, comes to life in this fine debut collection of tough, true stories, each one hard and dark as a lump of coal. Bob Sloan's straight, plain prose style is perfectly suited for his characters and their lives. . . . Whether things work out for his characters or not, realist Bob Sloan makes us care about them all, writing in plain honest prose without a trace of sentimentality. --Lee Smith

Bob Sloan is a downright fine storyteller and his collection "Bearskin to Holly Fork: Stories from Appalachia" finds him at his best. Resplendent with the smell and taste and sight and sound of Appalachia, the book is also brimming with humanity. This is kick-ass good work. --Robert Olen Butler

We write about what we know. Bob Sloan knows as much about his characters as anyone writing today. These are wistful, comical, straight-ahead stories that fall from the pen the way leaves fall from trees; some cosmic force helping them find their place. --Tom T. Hall

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