Blair Mountain War

By: G.T. Swain

It began when 5000 angry coalminers, calling themselves “Rednecks” crossed Lens Creek Mountain, donning red bandanas. Elsewhere, in Logan County, Sheriff Don Chafin mobilized his rag-tag army of deputies, salesmen and store clerks. The town of Logan was protected by a natural barrier, Blair Mountain

The bloody mine war depicted in this volume is the most deadly outburst of force in the coalfields since the Civil War---resulting out of deep resentment of Logan County Sheriff Don Chafin, the Baldwin-Felts mine guards, and the bullheaded attitudes of coal company owners of the time.

President Warren G. Harding eventually became involved, sending federal troops into the region, including an air squadron from Langley Field. The squadron set up headquarters in a vacant field in the present Kanawha City section of Charleston 

During the fighting, miners and several of Sheriff Chafin’s army were killed, Blair Mountain stands as a powerful symbol for workers to this day. Read the complete account of The Blair Mountain War: Battle of the Rednecks

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