Chatter Up

For a child who dreams of wearing a uniform and playing on a baseball or softball team, there is nothing more exciting than becoming a part of a Little League team. It's a chance for kids to build fundamental skills, make friends and have fun. It's also a chance for parents to feel proud. Unfortunately, all too often the joys of the game are ruined by parental outbursts when things go wrong on the field. When parents lose their perspective on the true meaning and value of the game, everyone--kids especially--must suffer the consequences. Dads who "punch out" coaches for bad plays and moms who "call out" umpires for bad calls have forgotten that it's "just a game" and not a contest about whose kid is better on the field. Written for parents and coaches alike, Chatter Up is an essential guide to ensure that kids get the most out of Little League. Author and baseball professional Jeff Davenport gives clear, creative solutions for parents and coaches involved in the game, so that the focus stays on the kid's enjoyment and the healthy competitive aspects of learning to play baseball and softball.


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