Coalwood Way, The

Author: Homer Hickman

From the #1 bestselling author of Rocket Boys-----the memoir that inspired the film October Sky----comes this rich, luminous tale. With the same sharp eye and powerful storytelling that distinguished his first memoir, Homer Hickman takes us deeper into the soul of his West Virginia hometown at a moment when its unique way of life is buffered by forces of time and change.

It’s fall, 1959, and Homer “Sonny” Hickman and his fellow Rocket Boys are in their senior year at Big Creek High, launching hand-built rockets that soar thousands of feet into the West Virginia sky. But in a season traditionally marked by celebrations of the spirit, Coalwood finds itself at a painful crossroads.

The strains can be felt within the Hickman home, where a beleaguered Homer Sr. is resorting to a daring but risky plan to keep the mine alive, and his wife Elsie, is feeling increasingly isolated from both her family and the townspeople. And Sonny, despite a blossoming relationship with a local girl whose dreams are as big as his, finds his own mood repeatedly darkened by an unexplainable sadness.

Eager to rally the town’s spirits and make her son’s final holiday season at home a memorable one, Elsie enlist Sonny and the Rocket Boys’ aid in making the Coalwood Christmas Pageant the best ever. But trouble at the mine and the arrival of a beautiful young outsider threaten to tear the community apart when it needs to come together most. And when disaster strikes at home, and Elsie’s beloved pet squrril escapes under his watch, Sonny realizes that helping in his mother’s eyes may be a bigger----and more rewarding----challenge than he has ever faced.

The result is pure storytelling magic---a tale of small-town parades and bighearted preachers, the timeless love of families and ageless joys of boyhood friendships—that only could come from the man who brought the world Rocket Boys