Come To My Tomorrowland 1995

Author: Jesse Stuart

This is the story of a teenage girl, Joy Burton, who finds a lame albino fawn in the forest. Joy, a victim of polio, feels great compassion for the injured fawn and tenderly nurses him back to health. Inspired by her pet’s recovery, Joy becomes convinced that the operation her doctor proposed for her will be successful and that she will someday be able to walk without crutches.

Meanwhile, a game warden learns of the girl’s pet and demands that the deer be returned to the game reserve. But Joy finds a way to protect her pet. Readers, young and old, will enjoy this happy ending.

The story has an almost mystical quality that corresponds to the world view of many young people. The girl’s love of nature and her fantasy about a “Tomorrowland” where people talk with animals and where all is harmonious will appeal to readers in grades 4-8, although older readers will enjoy this book, too.

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