Conecuh People

Author: Wade Hall

This intimate collection of interviews captures the stark, hardscrabble existence of the simple, unsophisticated, land-bound people who were once the backbone of the Deep South. Bullock County, Alabama, where the headwaters of the Conecuh River form, is one place where such people made their homes.

Author wade Hall, the first of his family to graduate from high school, is a native of Bullock County. In the 1970’s and early 1980s, during visits back to his home county, he recorded the memories of some of the country’s oldest inhabitants, including the nineteen people who now speak from these pages. What they shared were recollections of a culturally and technologically isolated time---in which life was hard but honest and people persevered with stoicism and a simple unfettered religious faith.

Purposely informal, Conecuh People gives voice to the common man of an age that, both for better and for worse, is now largely lost.

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