Conv. with KY Writers II

Author: L. Elizabeth Beattie

In this sequel to Conversations with Kentucky Writers, L. Elisabeth Beattie brings together in-depth interviews with sixteen of the state’s premiere wordsmiths. Conversation with Kentucky Writers II offers the perspective of poets, journalists, and scholars as they discuss their views on creativity, on teaching writing, and on the importance of Kentucky to their work. They talk frankly about how and why they do what they do.

These writers are significant to Kentucky because of their work as artists, educators, residents of particular regions, and as founders of magazines, readers’ groups, and literary and civic organizations. The writers speak for themselves, and their thoughts, speech patterns, and diction come alive on the page. Beattie’s interviews reveal the allegiances and alliances among Kentucky writers that have shaped literary trends by bringing together people with shared interests, values, subjects, and styles.

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