Day Lincoln Was Shot, The

Author: Richard Bak

When a well known actor named John Wilkes-Booth stole into a private box at Ford’s Theatre on April 14, 1865, pointed a derringer at the back of Abraham Lincoln’s head, and pulled the trigger, he changed the course of an America only just recovering from bloody civil war. His shot resonates to this day.

In The Day Lincoln Was Shot, award-winning biographer Richard Bak, with the aid of several essays by nationally recognized Lincoln historians, examines the lives, personalities, and converging paths of Lincoln and Booth; explores the assassin’s motives and sketches the backgrounds of all the key figures involved to create a vivid portrait of event.

Featuring an introduction by noted Lincoln scholar William Hanchett and more than 175 illustrations, including scores in full color, The Day Lincoln Was Shot is a spellbinding volume that graphically captures in words and pictures the mystery and controversy of one American history’s most heinous crimes.

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