Devils Son, The

Devils Son, The

Author: Anne Black Gray

Over a hundred years ago the Hatfield-McCoy feud bloodied the West Virginia-Kentucky border and threatened the lives and fortunes of Cap Hatfield and his family. Encouraged by wealthy men who used courtrooms and political power to their advantage, the feud threatened to explode into a second War Between the States 

You think you know who they were, why they fought, why they died. You know only the legend-now experience the real feud.

In The Devil’s Son, follow the journey of Cap, son of Anderson “Devil Anse,” the feared patriarch of the Hatfield clan. Leading the family’s efforts to survive, Devil Anse loses too many battles, and Cap must step up. Armed with intelligence and determination, Cap sets out to save his family while he wrestles with coming of age in the shadow of the Devil.

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