Dixie Spirits

Author: Christopher K. Coleman

True Tales of Strange and Supernatural in the South

There is something about the South that seems particularly conducive to ghosts, hauntings, and assorted strangeness. Perhaps it is Dixie’s turbulent and tragic past that rouses so many restless spirits. Or perhaps it is something less definable that stirs the Southern soul and draws the darkness near

Whatever the cause, from the brooding bayous of the Delta to the misty heights of Appalachia, supernatural scenes and unexpected oddities confront wayfarers at almost every turn. Haunted hotels and mansions, diabolical curses, mysterious monsters, and assorted fearsome phenomena can be found in nearly every city, town, and whistle-stop below the Mason-Dixon Line.

Dixie Spirits is a collection of Southern ghost stories and other accounts of the unexplained that explore this uncanny aspect of the South in depth. Culled from events both past and present, these stories recount some of the most famous hauntings as well as an assortment of anomalies that defy explanation.

Organized by state, these tales of the supernatural and the mysterious are as much about life and living as they are about death and dying. Love’s labor lost, the futility of war, crime and punishment---these are eternal themes that speak to us about the human condition, regardless of their otherworldly setting. All of the stories contained in Dixie Spirits are based on factual, historical incidents.