Five Lives of the Kentucky River 2001

The Kentucky River has know five lives: pre-history, the era of flatboats and keel boars, the golden age of packet boats, the decline and decay of the River, and the River reborn. Most present-day Kentuckians know only the rebirth of the River, as presented in the current news media, but there are also four other lives of the River, which, in their day, were as important as this River is today as a source of water. This book explores the impact upon central Kentucky of each life of the Kentucky River from the historical, cultural, and technical viewpoints. Few Kentuckians remember, for example, the showboats that once played to audiences as far upriver as Irvine or the flimsy barges that once floated coal, by the bushel, from Beattyville to Frankfort. These things, and much more, make up the lives of the Kentucky River.


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