Forty Years in the One-Room Schools

Forty Years in the One-Room Schools of Eastern Kentucky

Author: Curt Davis

In the early 1900s, the one-room schools of Elliott County, Kentucky, served as the educational and cultural centers of more than 60 small communities. Within the community of Wells Creek, the faded white one-room school also served as an inspiration for Curt Davis, a future educator, administrator, superintendent and builder, who later helped to create centralized modern facilities for his students in the Eastern Kentucky hills. As a toddler, whose first word was “shool”, Davis was fascinated by the ringing of the bell each day for “books” as well as the frolic and laughter of the children walking to the small frame building, carrying their lunch buckets and playing “last lick” as they walked. From his first teaching assignment at Crowdog, Davis began creating playgrounds and improving the learning conditions for his students, recognizing the need for better facilities throughout the country. In his account of his 40-year career as a student, teacher and administrator of one-room schools, Davis bring to life the adventures of a young scholar and demonstrates how one person’s contribution can profoundly impact his community. Anyone interested in the history of eastern Kentucky or the role that one-room schools played in Appalachian life will enjoy this book.

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