French Broad, The

Author: Wilma Dykeman

 The French Broad is part of the famous Rivers of America Series published by Holt, Rinehart. There are more than 50 volumes in the series. In 1997, The French Broad was one of five honored by the Library of Congress at its Center for the Book.

The French Broad is the first of Wilma Dykeman’s 18 books of non-fiction and fiction, including The Tall Woman, The Far Family, and Return in Innocent Earth. Its themes and stories of the rich natural and human diversity of a region where “day-before-yesterday and day-after-tomorrow exist in odd and fascinating harmony” have been developed in her award-winning novels, histories, biographies, and Southern studies.

“The French Broad remains a country of infinite variety and unyielding individualism,” Dykeman observes. “For the French Broad country, like most of the mountain region which surrounds it, nourishes paradox. That is the source of much of its allure---and despair. The roots of the paradoxes, the problems, the promises, run deep into the past. This is one glimpse into that past, and one glance at the present. Perhaps it provides some perspective for the future.”

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