Full Bone Moon

Author: G. Cameron Fuller

Six years ago, two WVU freshmen were last seen hitchhiking back to their dorms after seeing a movie in downtown Morgantown. Their bodies were later found in the dark woods south of town. E.P. Clawson was convicted of the murders, but Michael Chase, a reporter for the Herald-Dispatch, never thought Clawson was guilty---a belief that nearly cost him his career.

Now the murders have started again. Female WVU students are disappearing, and their defiled bodies are found with ritual markings. Full Bone Moon, a first place winner, novel, in the annual West Virginia Writers contest, follows Michael Chase as he tracks the ritual killers through the streets, underground tunnels, and forests of Morgantown.

Inspired by the actual murders of Mared Malarik and Karen Ferrell in Morgantown in 1970, Full Bone Moon employs the many rumors and speculation that swirled around the Morgantown area after the killings, and continue to this day. Rumors of cult activity, high society complicity, police corruption and coverup, and FBI treachery are woven ----through the Coed Murders as they could have happened.

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