Great Chiefs, Volume I

Author: Tony Hollihan 

This classic volume is a tribute to the legendary chiefs and warriors who guided their people through the most turbulent chapter in their history. Storyteller Tony Hollihan reveals how these visionary leaders grappled with the encroaching tides of change and sought to protect the traditional ways of their people.


  • Sitting Bull, the powerful warrior and spiritual leader of the Lakota Sioux who struggled against white incursions on Sioux land
  • Chief Joseph, who led the Nez Perce through the Rocky Mountains on a heroic but doomed flight to freedom
  • Quanah Parker, the Comanche chief who helped his people reconcile their customs in the face of overwhelming change
  • Red Cloud, the imposing Oglala Sioux chief who fought with Sitting Bull to prevent settlers from crossing traditional Native lands
  • Louis Reil, the Metis visionary who was hanged as a traitor after crusading for his people’s rights in Manitoba and Saskatchewan
  • Sequoyah, the Cherokee who invented a system of writing for his people.