Great Chiefs, Volume II

 Author: Tony Hollihan


Our history is rich with dramatic accounts of great Native visionaries who fought passionately to protect their people’s traditions from the ever-expanding intrusion of white settlers and gold seekers. With foresight and determination, these heroic leaders struggled with overwhelming changes that would alter their lives forever.

  • Geronimo, the legendary Apache war leader who battled the U.S. army over his people’s homeland in New Mexico
  • Tecumseh, the idealistic Shawnee leader who tried to unite all the American Native tribes into a single alliance
  • Crowfoot, the Blackfoot chieftain who led his people to peace with the Canadian government
  • Plenty Coup, the Crow chief who fought with the Americans and tried to build bridges between his people and the Americans
  • Wovoka, the brilliant Paiute prophet who brought the Ghost Dance to his people
  • Crazy Horse, the fearless Sioux war shaman who commanded his warriors against George Armstrong Custer.