Haunts of Old Louisville

The saga of one of the nation's most significant historic preservation districts continues in HAUNTS OF OLD LOUISVILLE: Gilded Age Ghosts and Haunted Mansions in America's Spookiest Neighborhood. Kentucky writer David Domine has uncovered a wealth of local history that brings its haunted past to life, and this, the third in the series, concentrates on the wraiths and specters that populate the grandest of all the Gilded Age mansions in the neighborhood. In addition to disembodied voices, forlorn apparitions and fleeting shadows, Domine includes interesting accounts of strange aerial phenomena, gargoyle-like winged creatures and witches that peppered the local newspapers of the day. Add a healthy dose of neighborhood intrigue and wonderful descriptions of the Victorian mansions that make the neighborhood a must-see for lovers of old homes and architecture, and you've got the recipe for an enjoyable evening curled up by the fire.