In Tattered Clothes

Author Deirdre S. Artrip

I am a mother and grandmother from the small town of Flatwoods, Kentucky I dabbled a little in writing in high school. My teachers used to say my book reports were actual books that went on and on because I had to tell every little detail. I never picked the pen back up until my divorce a few years ago when I think the good Lord took a hold of me and said “Dee I want you to write for me and reach out to others who might have the urge and the feelings about religion that you do” That was all it took. I’ve been burin’ the midnight oil ever since.  I’m not a regular church goer but as in one of my poems says my “church is in my Heart” and Jesus’ church was wherever he happened to be at the time. This is my first publication and I hope you enjoy the down home whole-someness of it.

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