In The Valley of the East Fork

Author: Stacy R. Nelson

In the year of 1774, Kentucky was the western frontier of what was to be the United States of America. Colonial expansion was encouraged by the British government giving free lands to those who would brave the wilderness and establish settlements. This attracted hundreds and later thousands of pioneers, settlers, and immigrants. 

This story is about a group of those people who made the long journey inland to tame a new land in hopes of establishing such a settlement. Their adventures take them down the Ohio River to the east fork of the Little Sandy River. Canoe battles, Indian ambushes, tomahawk fights, fort sieges, friendship, and romance all play a role in their struggle to build a fortified station in the dark and bloody grounds of Kentucky. In an era when empires were being built these settlers found out how much of a struggle it would be establishing a small working community in the virgin wilderness.

Two thousand nine will mark the tenth anniversary of Wolfpen Woods Pioneer Village, which is dedicated to remembering our forefathers by educating school children. Stacy has been involved since its inception and this is his way of thanking all the volunteers that maintain its current success.