Inger! 2006

Author: James N. Sites

AMERICA! Land of a thousand dreams….

That’s how a young woman growing up in Norway thought of the USA. And now, after a long voyage from her homeland following the horrors of World War II, she and a ship’s officer stand in the bow of an American Liberty ship and watch the dream of arriving here come true:

 We looked up and, as Leif Ericsson must have done a thousand years before, beheld the great continental land mass of America stretching out before us as far north and south as the eye could reach, looming ever larger across the vast, beckoning western horizon. It was a deeply moving moment of insight. For here in that awesome panorama of sea and land, sunset and evening star, we caught a rare, fleeting glimpse of our future.

Thus began a six-decades-long, fascinating journey of discovery of the New World for Inger Krogh, an attractive, perceptive, startlingly open and honest exchange student from Oslo. She eventually married that ship’s officer and went on to explore the entire continent and more, from the oceans and prairies and mountains and forests to the smallest towns and largest cities. Her journey took her through slums and personal crises to the highest levels of journalism, business and government. Traveling with Inger, you’ll get an insider’s look at the wonder/blunder world of Washington news reporting, PR image-making, lobbying, government manipulation and political intrigue. You’ll meet an America in a width and depth that few foreigners—or Americans themselves, for that matter---have ever experienced. The same for Norway.

You’ll also join Inger in asking as many questions as Socrates….and getting some surprising answers. Like Norway’s nature, Inger has soul. Witness her grand concept of people becoming Four-Dimensional Humans. “She’s got her head screwed on straight,” one Washington newsman says. And this in a place where heads are screwed on every which way….and some not at all!

Inger’s journey also makes a deeply moving story. Since that ship’s officer happened to be in the right place at the right time (a far, far corner of the North Atlantic) he somehow got chosen by fate to be part of this story. And its narrator. So here he tells it just as it happened. Good reading!


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