Isabella Moon

Author: Laura Benedict

Sometimes the past comes looking for you…….

Carystown, Kentucky is still scarred by the mysterious disappearance two years ago of a young girl, Isabella Moon.

The case of the missing girl is still open, and, though the media circus which engulfed the small town has long since subsided, frustrated Sheriff Bill Delaney is no nearer a resolution.

Kate Russell has found in sleepy Carystown a refuge from the horrors of her past: those she fears can’t reach her here, and with the handsome Caleb, she at last dares to feel safe.

But Kate knows what happened to Isabella, and with this knowledge her quietly idyllic life starts to fall apart. In an instant, a reluctant Kate finds herself at the centre of the case, herself a suspect, and her past under the unwelcome scrutiny of Sheriff Delaney.

For Kate has long-buried secrets of her own that the sheriff’s inquiries are threatening to uncover. And as she is drawn further into the investigation, some unsettling truths emerge; the charming facade of Carystown starts to crumble – the small town undone by murder, secrets, and lies…

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