It Happened in Tennessee

Author: James Ewing

From all over the state, Tennesseans sent James Ewing their favorite stories. It Happened in Tennessee contains the most fascinating, the most interesting, and the strangest of those stories, including

  • Tennessee’s biggest man, Mills Darden from Lexington, who was seven feet, six inches tall and weighed 1,020 pounds.
  • The eight thousands people who attended the funeral Felix “Uncle Bush” Breazeale gave in Roane County—for himself!
  • A ghost named Mary who always sits in Row C, Seat 5, in the Orpheum Theater in Memphis.
  • How a letter from Harry Burn’s mother of Niota caused the nineteenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution to be ratified.
  • The world’s largest goose drive, an eight-mile drive which took place near Gates in the early 1900s.
  • The touching story of the two wives of Jeff Howell who met at his funeral.


Interesting poignant, fun, and nostalgic, the stories in It Happened in Tennessee make excellent reading for everyone who loves a good story.