Its a Wonderful Christmas

Its a Wonderful Christmas

Christmas has always been special. But the Christmases during and after World War II were just a little bit more special. Men stationed on palm-covered islands dreamed of snowmen and winter wonderlands. Home front families looked forward to the day when “home for keeps” would be a reality. And when that day finally came, the celebration was enormous. Christmas acquired a jubilant glow, a festive lavishness that persists to this day. From toy catalogs to Bubbler lights to Rudolph’s bright red nose, a vast number of today’s traditions date back to that special time. Bursting with visual icons and images, trimmed with sparkling and informative text, It’s a Wonderful Christmas celebrates the era in high style. If you’ve ever wondered how the tradition of department store Santas got started, or what the all-time most popular Christmas song is, this is the place to look.

It’s a Wonderful Christmas is for everyone who loves Christmas---and for everyone who loves Christmas----and for everyone to whom “happy holidays” conjures memories of home movies, “The Chipmunk Song,” glittering store windows, and Santa relaxing with an ice Coca-Cola. A must-have to treasure, now and for the years to come.

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