Jack And The Wonder Beans

Author: James Still

Long ago, but perhaps not so far away, Jack and his widowed mother were living near Wolfpen Creek, Kentucky. A hard winter came along, and a hungry Jack sold his mother’s cow for three wonder beans, complete with guarantee: “Sow them and they will feed you your life tee-total.” Now, Jack knew a bargain when one hit him in the face, but hearing this news his mother had a cow. She tossed the beans out the window as she hooted, “You don’t know beans!”

Perhaps we’re all familiar with this big beanstalk adventure, in a somewhat different guise, but few may know how Jack and his mother were “poor as Job’s turkey,” or the way the giant’s wife planned to make Jack into stew sprinkled with dill weed, or that the giant didn’t really say “fee, fie, foe fum” when he caught a whiff of Jack in the air. How did Jack get away from the giant the first time? Once he was safe, why ever did he go climb that beanstalk for a second time?