Images of America: Jeffersontown

Author: Beth Wilder


Located in southwestern Jefferson County, Jeffersontown came into being in the late 1700s as a stopover for early pioneers on their way to the port city of Louisville. Recognizing the excellent farming potential of the land, many people decided the area was the perfect place to settle, and in 1794, Abraham Bruner determined it was also a prime location to build a city. Residents referred to their new community as “Brunerstown,” but it was officially named “Jeffersontown” in 1797, when it was incorporated as a city. It immediately became a hub of activity, with businesses lining its square and scattered throughout the surrounding areas. The growth of this charming city has never ceased.

 This volume includes more than 200 black-and-white photographs of Jeffersontown’s founding families, their residences and businesses, as well as landmarks and events special to the hearts of citizens. Images depict the early settlement of the area as well as more recent times, as Jeffersontown has become an industry leader. Author Beth Wilder and the residents of Jeffersontown have worked together to assemble a lasting tribute to the community. This pictorial retrospective invites readers to visit one of Kentucky’s oldest and most noteworthy cities.