John B Stephenson: Appalachian 2001

Author: John B Stephenson

“Still waters run deep!”

Most people knew John B. Stephenson as a thorough, articulate, scholarly teacher and administrator. In this arena of his public life he was an exemplary achiever. Identifying early in his life with the people and problems of the Appalachian region, he forged ahead in his educational pursuits and his professional life, making distinctive contributions in various leadership roles which addressed vital concerns and problems of the people of Appalachia

In this book you will be able to look beyond the active and public roles of John Stephenson and share in some of his deeper life. Which John Stephenson did you know? He was the very active and public college president, undergraduate dean, Appalachian Center director, writing scholar, inquisitive sociologist, public speaker, and he was a deep thinking, introspective, poetic, religious and truth-searching man.

The other John Stephenson was known only by those who were kindred spirits to this deep-thinking man. This was the man who fervently sought the Truth beyond the truth, who found recluse and refuge in nature, who discovered profound insights in simple vistas, who searched diligently for meaning in his heritage and in his life.

You will find both John Stephensons in this book. Welcome to the life and mind of John B. Stephenson, Appalachian humanist

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