Johnny Logan 2010

Blue Jacket’s popularity inspired Allan W. Eckert to write Johnny Logan, the true story of a Shawnee who became a U.S. spy, and it was first published in 1983. Logan was one of the greatest Indian friends the white man ever had on the American frontier; and he was the only Native American buried with full United States military honors.

Born Spemica Lawba in the Ohio Country in 1774, he was captured at the age of twelve by General Benjamin Logan but later returned to his tribe. Despite great admiration for Tecumseh, his uncle and leader of the Indian nation, Johnny Logan realized he loved his adopted family and their culture even more.

The advent of the War of 1812 forced Johnny to make a wrenching decision: remain loyal to his tribe and his heritage, or serve the adopted culture that had become truly his own. With great misgivings, Johnny Logan became a spy against the British and his fellow Indians.

Allan Eckert provides colorful details of Johnny Logan’s amazing life, his harrowing adventures and impossible choices. All of the incidents, customs, and people are true and re-create the moving story of this heroic Shawnee spy.

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