Journal for Lalie: Living through prostate cancer

In 1993, retired CBS correspondent, David Dick, was diagnosed with prostate cancer a life-threatening disease that affects thousands of men potentially most men. Over the years since that first diagnosis, Dick and his wife, Lalie, have seen his PSA (prostate specific antigen) number rise and fall in response to a long list of medical procedures administered by a host of skilled medical specialists.A Journal for Lalie-Living Through Prostate Cancer is a book for men who have, or may someday have, prostate cancer, but equally for the women who will follow in David and Lalie Dick's footsteps as they negotiate the same rocky medical trail. It is David Dick's most personal book, yet one that will bring hope, laughter and inspiration to the thousands who have laughed and loved through his eleven previous books, including The View from Plum Lick, Rivers of Kentucky, and Kentucky A State of Mind. At a time when prostate cancer has become increasingly widespread, Dick says, Of all the books I have written since leaving CBS News, A Journal for Lalie is without a doubt the most important. Through laughter and tears, it comes to terms with the reality of a treatable disease that claims the lives of so many. If the journal I have kept in the years from 1993 to 2007 saves just one life, the writing will have been worth all the effort.



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