Journals of Tommie L. Hubbard 2003


This book contains virtually all the information that I possess concerning my father’s mother, most of it having come to my attention only during recent years. The text of the journal, of course, serves as the central focus. In the introduction, I have gathered together numerous references from the journal in order to draw conclusions and to give a fuller picture of life at the turn of the twentieth century in rural The Journals of Tommie L. Hubbard Life in Madison County Kentucky, 1898-1900 Kentucky.  In addition, the material that I discovered in her Bible, including my grandmother’s account of an end-of-year outing to Valley View, helps to enlarge the image that is projected by her journal entries. Tommie’s article on seed dissemination demonstrates that she had academic interests early in her life that circumstances prevented her from developing. I have also included family trees, a map of Madison County, and the flier from the sale of the farm in 1975, all of which serve to supplement the text of the journal. The section entitled “Historical Context” presents a broad background against which the events of the journal can be placed. Finally, at the end of the book are an index of the people mentioned in the journal and an index of the places mentioned.

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