Juliette Low 1997

Author: Mildred Mastin Pace

Juliette Gordon “Daisy” Low, founder of the Girl Scout movement in the United States was born October 31, 1860, in Savannah Georgia, and died there January 17, 1927. Following a happy and adventurous childhood, Daisy married William Low, a wealthy English businessman. They lived for a time in Scotland, but she always had a special love for her home in Savannah.

Her life changed in 1911 when she met Sir Robert Baden-Powell, who had just founded the Boy Scouts in England. He told her that there was an enormous need for a similar program for girls and that his sister was working to organized troops of Girl Guides in England. Daisy remembered her own childhood, which had been enriched by outdoor adventures with other young people. Daisy knew that the girls in Scotland would benefit from a program that offered them a chance to develop skills and self-sufficiency and to have fun. Her success with the two troops she founded in Scotland inspired her to immediately bring the idea to her native Savannah where she found several troops.

Daisy Low’s great charm, energy, and drive nurtured the growth of the American Girl Scouts. Her vision of friendships which cross national boundaries led her, in her later years, to develop the International Girl Scouts and Girl Guides to the United States.

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