Legacy 2nd Edition

This book is a second edition and has been enhanced, edited, and material, pictures, and genealogy added. It is the same great story about an appalachian family relying on God to help them throught the rough times in the 19th century. The book is written in historic-fiction fashion where I keep the dates, names, places, and events correct but I let the folks talk, cry,laugh and even be mad. If they get on a wagon to go places I get on with them. The story deals with the years of 1836 to 1900 and is centered on southwest Virginia, but about 10 chapters cover Crockett's trip to Greenup County, KY. and back to VA. It also covers him as he fights off the Yankees while serving in the 29th Virginia Infantry. It tells about his capture and time in POW camp at Point Lookout, MD.