Light that Splits the Dark

Publishers Place, Inc. of Huntington, WV, is pleased to announce the second collection of high school writing out of solitude, Light that Splits the Dark. Here you will find the expressions of today's youth as they reflect on who they are; on what opportunities they have ahead; on their natural environment; and on their impact on the world. As the book's editor, Paul Elmo Keenan, writes in the Foreword: "The words they gave us to work with were filled with hope, awareness, love, determination, and all of those other things that we want to fill our students' words."

The trade paper volume is enhanced by stunning b/w photographs from Mark S. Phillips, who also shot the four-color cover and designed the book. Phillips is Associate Director of Publishers Place. Publication of this book was made possible by a grant from the Verizon Foundation.

The first collection of "the solitude papers," published as River Fog Rising, derived from a class that John Patrick Grace, Executive Director of Publishers Place, taught for Marshall University credit for students of three Mason County high schools. For the second collection, Grace provided the guidelines and opened the opportunity to participate to a variety of West Virginia high school English classes. What came about is this slender volume, packed with introspective prose and poetry from five high schools across the state.

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