Lone Hunters Gray Pony

Author: Donald Worcester

“Here is a pony for you, my son,” called Red Eagle. “On him, you will kill your first buffalo someday, for he is swift and sure-footed.” Thus Lone Hunter becomes the proud owner of a beautiful gray pony, one fine enough to tie in the camp at night with the warriors’ horses rather than turn loose with the horses of the squaws and young boys. Together, the boy and the pony train and work for the day they will be included in the buffalo hunt 

But Lone Hunter’s dreams are shattered when Gray Pony is stolen by Kiowas. Risking his life, the young boy stalks the Kiowas and steals into the camp at night to reclaim his pony. As the two flee toward their own tribe, Lone Hunter has an opportunity to show his courage and save Red Eagle and the other warriors from an ambush.

As they near their own camp, Red Eagle says to his son, “Because of your courage the Dog Soldiers want you to kill the first buffalo.”

In his eagerness to own a fine pony and to join the warriors on the buffalo hunt, in his determination to bring back Gray Pony, and in his cleverness and courage in the face of danger, Lone Hunter embodies the qualities most admired by the Oglala Sioux. The story of his adventure with his pony gives a strong and clear picture of what it was to be a young boy in that tribe.

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