Long Hunt, The

Author: Ted Franklin Belue

Centuries before railroads, Sharp’s rifles, and Buffalo Bill Cody, buffalo roaming east of the Mississippi River were hunted by Indians, Spanish, French, and English explorers, as well as colonists, Long Hunters, and American settlers. By the 1820s, the eastern buffalo herds were gone, and much of the wild cow’s habitat had been radically altered. The Long Hunt: Death of the Buffalo East of the Mississippi  is the first book to deal solely with the buffalo that once ranged from east of the Blue Ridge to the waters of the Mississippi.

An elegy of lost innocence, The Long Hunt documents the killing of buffalo and spoliation of the buffalo’s range by placing the saga in the historical setting of the European intrusion into the first Far West. Grimm visions of the slaughter are chronicled through the eyes of Daniel Boone, George Rogers Clark, John Donelson, John Filson, Christopher Gist,Louis Hennepin, Louis Jolliet, Jacques Marquette, George Morgan, Thomas Walker, George Washington, and many others.