Images of America: Ludlow

Author: Judy L. Neff

Disproportionate to its small size, Ludlow’s history is undeniably spacious. Situated along the Ohio River, Ludlow is located in the northernmost region of Kentucky, south of Cincinnati. Although not officially incorporated until 1864, Ludlow had been established much earlier by a handful of affluent families. As an alternative to chaotic city life, Ludlow offered residents vast land and tranquil surroundings where they could build their estates. Shortly thereafter, however, the late 19th century would bring the railroad to Ludlow, sparking dramatic growth and expansion of the city. Images of America: Ludlow displays a spectrum of photographs, from the hardworking faces of the Cincinnati Southern Railroad to the lively happenings at the Lagoon Amusement Park.  Opening in 1895, the amusement park provided over two decades of entertainment and leisure activities for the community. Extensively photographed, it now endows us with striking images featured in a unique chapter. Additional views of businesses, churches, schools, and citizens give further glimpses of early life in Ludlow.