Man With a Bull-Tongue Plow

After a very successful sponsorship campaign, we are proud to offer a new hardcover edition of Jesse Stuart's bestselling Man With a Bull-Tongue Plow. Originally published in 1934, the book was so successful that the first printing of the first edition sold out in less than a month! Man With a Bull-Tongue Plow is a collection of sonnets that Stuart weaves into a personal narrative describing the rural Kentucky life and events he knew so well. Packed with emotion, and sometimes harsh observations, the poetry in this book comes from the heart of a young man who was always full of enthusiasm.

At this stage of his life, Jesse Stuart was bursting with pure expression and had not yet learned to polish his poetry in an effort to make it more palatable to a broader audience and Interestingly, that's exactly what made this volume so popular. It was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, and selected as both One of the 100 Best Books in America and One of the1000 Great Books of the World.

An introduction by John H. Spurlock adds context and insight to Stuart's writing.